Gibson Les Paul Sunburst - Electric Guitar


A friend of mine asked me to model and render a Gibson Les Paul guitar and this is the result:

I’m quite happy with the result and I don’t think the images look too boring even though I haven’t done much post processing… But if you have any ideas, thoughts or criticism I would love to hear it. :slight_smile:


They are such beautiful guitars … you did a fantastic job on this, my only crit would be I wish you would have posted full rez images of the other renders vs. the film strip you did, so I could admire it even more.

Thanks! :smiley:

Here you go:

And btw… Sorry for the low quality background… :frowning:
I think the reason for it is that I exported the images as jpeg from Photoshop… :confused:

Very nice! The wood texture is great. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: - At first I didn’t like the texture, but I couldn’t find anything better…

So good , love the guitar

Beautiful job of modeling and rendering.

Steve S

Nice modeling and very detailed :slight_smile:


Textures and materials are great! Love it, good job :slight_smile:

Nice rendition of the guitar. :slight_smile:

Great work Dan the materials looks spot on! I was looking at doing a les paul too but a cherry sunburst variant :slight_smile:

Wow! Thank you everyone! :smiley:

Really cool! One of my favorite guitar.
Neil Young use a 1953 Gibson Lespaul called “Old black” :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: Wow the “Old black” is really nice - I should make that one too… :slight_smile:

I’m doing some guitar rendering myself, and I’m finding the sunburst finish a challenge. Could you offer any pointers?

Great modelling. Very detailed I think.


@Hybrid_X: I remember I used the vertex paint to create the effect. I just painted the outer vertecies of the body and then used the ‘attribute node’ to get the vertex paint into the material. Just write “Col” in the text-field in the attribute node. (“Col” is the default name of new vertex paints. :slight_smile: )
You can easily mix the black and orange color with the output of the attribute node as the factor.

@dogdayfear: Thanks :slight_smile:

Cool… good to know. I’m hoping to find a way to use it that’s “re-usable” and can be applied to different body shapes, so I don’t have to manually paint it for every instance.

I was hoping there’d be a way to extract an X-Y alpha channel and use that in some way to procedurally create the burst. Unfortunately, it seems alpha channels are only accessible in compositing mode.