Gibson SG

Here’s a Gibson SG I’ve just finished. Please critique harshly; I’m trying to make this look better than my previous guitar attempts. Hi res image:


Does anyone even know what a Gibson SG is? The view counter is broken, so I don’t know how many people have looked at it, but no comments? I know it’s not perfect, so there’s got to be something someone can critique.

The modeling looks fairly decent, but I think you need a higher resolution texture for the neck (or maybe the jpg compression messes it up in the picture you posted).

Also the third string from the bottom looks like it’s bending between the tuning peg and the nut, which isn’t possible on a real guitar.

Could you post some closeups of the head, neck and body?

I do not know what a Gibson SG is, no. To be honest I was hoping for the Gibson from “Hackers”–but no luck. :smiley:

The model is shaped right, but it looks flat due to your lighting and textures. Is there only one light on it? Try to create a realistic light set up. It doesn’t look like you have AO, that might help, too. Adding metal image textures to the metal part will help. You are probably aware that adding mirroring makes images look more impressive, and so if that’s what you’re going for you might benefit from either real reflections, or an image mapped to the reflection normals on the image.

You have a black guitar with a black background. The two fade into each other, and it makes it difficult to look at. You might try changing the background, or backlighting the guitar so that it has an outline of light to differentiate it.