Gibson SG

Hey folks!
Just started this yesterday, always wanted to make one:

I just took a look at a reference for it… seems your right on the mark with what you have so far… so BI, Cycles or YaYa :slight_smile:

@harleynut97: Thank you! Not sure yet, would like to use Yaf :smiley: One thing’s for sure, I’ve always loved this particular style of them (gold hardware, dark body, light pickguard): That will most likely be the color scheme :smiley: As I found out while making my Explorer, there’s also 100 different versions of this one as well, so who knows what this might look like in the end :smiley: Certainly not going to do the red/black common colors :slight_smile:

Fixed some stuff, added a third pickup(looks cooler!), and made the little piece that goes on the headstock :slight_smile:

The one that I pulled up had a beautiful wood grain… but I never saved the image, so can’t post a link. Similar color as the one you showed, but this one had very clearly defined grain detail. but like you said there were many versions made I guess.

Knobs! :smiley:

Needs more cowbell.


Started on the body, hopefully will have some more to show soon!

Body is a bit trickier than I had imagined! :smiley:

Fat bottom girls …

I must admit that the SG isn’t my favorite guitar model at all, but this looks lovely!
Keep it up!

@IconW: Thank you! I’ve always liked the guitar myself, but wasn’t exactly having an easy time with the body…lot’s of crazy curves :smiley:

I didn’t realize there was that much of a bevel in the body… I can see why it is tricky. But it’s looking nice so far Vicky

@harleynut97: Thanks a bunch! Yeah, it’s got some severe curves going on, I was using this particular pic as a reference: That’s one of the reasons I haven’t wanted to model this thing until I got much better :slight_smile:
While I’m here, check out this paint scheme! :smiley: Wow!

I’ve got to say, what I’m seeing here is above even my expectations. The finished product is going to be amazing. (Where’s my starburst 335?)

Hahaha! Thanks Dave!

Here’s a couple more, body is complete, neck and headstock shall be arriving shortly I hope :smiley:

I’m blown away by what I’m finding here at I was having some trouble figuring out the camera tracking using my crappy old cellphone camera, but checking out the forum posts for these projects is just…awe-inspiring.

It’s really unbelievable how far this tech and people just plugging away at it has come.

@RavingNoah: Thanks a lot!

Here’s a last render of the body, it’s all finished up model/texture-wise (don’t worry about the procedural slapped on, I was playing). :

So are you planning on using an image texture for the body? I’m glad you said to ignore the procedural. I’ve yet to see any procedural that looks photo realistic… like wood ect. The body model itself, looks great as does the hardware and controls…although that neck could use a little lovin’ :slight_smile: