.gif animation

I want to try small, looping animations, like for avatars and such.

But how do I do that in .gif format?

I’ve done searches, and the results were limited.

I know that if you animate (in blender) as a jpeg, or other static file format, it will save all the rendered frams and the image in a certain path.

Can adobe Imageready import all files in a folder in cronalogical order?

Or is there another program that can?



jasc paint shop pro has an animation tool, even the “microsoft gimp animator” can be used to do what you want… or even the gimp [if you’re a masochist… or have found a better way to load images as layers]

[select the last file, then hold shift and press home to select the rest of the files]

Try saving each frame in it’s own layer in Photoshop.These will be loaded in sequence into ImageReady.

Search google for “GIF Construction Set Professional”. Good shareware tool for GIF creation. I used it in combo with a Blender animation for this project: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=372089


If you want to use Free Software, here’s a fast tut:

You must save your Blender animation in Jpg or PNG image format( preferred)
Then in Gimp create an image with the same dimensions of your animation, ex: 320x240
With a file browser select all the images in the animation and drag them over the new image window
This will create all the layers for you ( what a chance)
Then in the Filters/Animation menu choose Optimize for GIF
Then save the file in Gif format
Choose Animation in the box dialog and standard indexed conversion
That’s all
This is the basic procedure
Bye and good luck