gif animation

at the moment i make a quicktime movie then put it into imageready to make an animation gif.
can it be done all in blender?
has to end up as a gif.

Blender doesn’t save to gif format.

From what I remember there was some kind of patent in place forbidding .gif creation without paying royalties. Patent has expired in some countries recently (2003-2004)… maybe we will see .gif reaction in the near feature.

You can read more about .gif here:

Dang Legal issues.

you could save as png in blender3d and then use program such as GIMP (seperate each frame into it own layer) then save as .gif

make sure that you save as animation instead of merging all of the layers. Might be a bit of works but it worked for me when I first started here, see this.

just remember to remove your first frame (if it a loop) if you see a lag in a part of the gif. I didn’t do it on this one and you could see where it slow down slightly as one of the upper arm swing toward you. (this is cause sometime the first and last frame are the same)

Blender by default operates under Bezier curves, take a look in the IPO curve editor. It speeds up and slows down at the end, NOT LINEAR. If you want it to be a constant/linear repeat, go to the IPO curve editor, select the curve, Click T and “Linear.”

yeah i know what you mean (though I haven’t used IPO yet) but I did look at the gif closely later and found that the issue was cause I had the obj, at frame 20 (i think) rotated to exactly where it was at frame 1 instead of just before it. (and i renderred it 1 to 20 frame instead of 1 to 19 frame). I was just suggesting that if he was going to use my method then he should keep an eye out for these common mistake I made doing it.

Hmm if you have After Effects, just create a folder in your documents to output a sequence of the animation in, and open after effects you can open it as a sequence showing each frame, and thus you can render it out as a gif file, that is of course, if you have after effects, then again you can just export the animation in png as Radscientist said and well just import the png’s to image ready

Nice animated gif! could anyone help me animated a smooth 3d logo?