GIF animations in blender

i saw this tutorial on “The Gimp” website,
and i was curious. if this could be used in blender, fire and water animations could be easily created. so before i put much work into failing, i have a question. can i put GIF animations into bleder, say onto a plane with alpha properties?

thanks alot

i dont think so i think you have to use a image where all the images of the animation are in a tile arrangement ob the texture

(did i sound smart?)

can anyone reference to a doc on using/making GE animations? I tried to figure out what order the image tiles progressed, it is really weird…i think it does the first row, then the last, then the middle ones…

Here is an animated texture example I made

Click Here to download.

Press P in the 3D view to play.

In the UV Editor, inside the properties window, Put the “Tile” values to 0. Then you can see the arrangement of frames.

um… i’m not sure where the docs are for it, but here’s an example of the order

if anyone needs a blend i could post one

haha, I was just a little to slow :wink:

oh…, one more thing. if you’re going to be using the gimp to make blender texture animations you should check out the ‘layer grid’ script (search for “layergrid.scm” on google) you still have to put the rows in the correct order yourself, but it saves alot of time in making an animation sheet.

good luck

ok thanks…

Whatever happened to layergrid.scm? It’s dropped out of existence. The blender plugin registry is an organization mess. Can someone add it there? I’ll have to search my old harddrives for it. Even Google has nothing about it.

You can create JPG/PNG images in Blender and open in Gimp for gif animation.

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