GIF is free as per 1 october 2006

I’ve read on a link from that GIF is free. So… Blender is allowed to save in the GIF format too. Yay! 256 colours.

Just a stupid question, since PNG is the equivalent of GIF, why can’t one animate in PNG like GIF does?

I’m no image formatting expert, but GIF is basically web-friendly, PNG isn’t. In fact, I don’t think PNGs can be animations, and they aren’t transparent in IE (last I had heard). So they aren’t really equivalent, but to answer your question, PNG wasn’t designed to make animations, GIF was.

There’s an offshoot of PNG called MNG (I think) that’s supposed to support that - 'cept that most browsers don’t support MNG…

IE is too stupid to understand colours in PNG files, from experience. It’s a shame, because PNG is a great format.


funny - PNG stands for §ortable (N)etwork (G)raphics

irony’s a killer everytime…

Its not the colours, just the alpha channel it has problems with (makes it go a brown shade). Even though older version of IE rendered PNGs properly, they (MS) decided to take it out ruining use of PNG on the internet whenever you want a decent transparance with a full 8bit (256) value instead of GIF’s 1 value of transparancy.

The only way I see colours going wrong is the whole gamma correction feature of PNG which was quite a failure. other than that, there are no colour issues.

As to animated PNG’s toontje, the only reason GIFs are animated is because the creator decided to add animation functionality. When PNG was created, it was made to solve several issues - one was transparancy the other was cross computer display (gamma correction) so that an image from a Mac would look the same on the PC as these two OSes have differernt gamma settings altering the display colours. Animation was not an issue especially when we have plenty of video format that handles this nicely.