GIF's in the BGE.

is there a way to do it? I spent some time messing around wit it, but didn’t get anything workable. is there something I am missing?

I don’t think so, are you talking about animated GIFs?

you have to put all the frames together in one pic side by side and set it up to be animated somehow

killer wrote a tutorial on it in the GE resources section

Well, you would need a program that can alter GIF’s like gimp, or unfreeze. (I know they can make them… but i’m pretty sure they could open as well) Then when you save it, you would have to place many side by side. Then with this new image you would loop through them. THis is done just right in the image panel… it’s not too hard to figure out but, use blender materials must be turned off. If you wanted to do it another way I suppose you could find a python module. ( PIL Maybe?, just google it) Then seperate out the frame you want, save it as a texture, then use a realtime texture loading script. I think there is one somewhere in the forums, here.

Hope THat helps… It does sound fairly difficult though

He said that he could open GIF files… Older versions couldn’t, at least I tried and it didn’t work.

If u want animated textures, then yes, it is possible. Search on the forums, i havent got the time to explain, kinda complicated! But once you work it out its quite a powerful tool.

(note that u cant use GIF images as animated textures, but if you pull apart a GIF image and set it up properly as a PNG then it can be animated in game)

Here, I saved you the trouble of searching:

thanks everyone! I will give it a try. :slight_smile: