Gift needed constructive criticism.

Hello all. I spent maybe a hour making this thing. Its a gift from me to a mentally-ill friend; i made a little tiny scrap animation that i didnt plan on sending. So, i will not include that here. Thank you! :wink:


Hey some feedback: It looks to be a very dark scene which is the same problem that I had to start off. How to fix this? Well a really easy way is to add a massive plane pointing at the object then make the material an emission texture in whatever colour that you want. That is pretty much all I can say its a nice model in general.

You might also want to consider smoothing the geometry on the top and brim of the hat slightly, unless the waffle-y look was what youโ€™re going for! I like the colors, though!

The concept is pretty cool :). It seems the body materials are a bit too shiny to me. Would be nice to add a fresnel to it. Also could boost your lighting if you have an HDRI background for added light reflections.

This is a base for most materials. You can tone down the overall glossiness using the Layerweight slider. Roughness value of the glossy node makes it more reflective. Remember everything other than metals has a fresnel effect. You can change out the diffuse for other shader nodes. Base color is the top shader and the glossy color is reflection color.