Gigabyte contest entry: need your opinion.


I’m looking at entering in the Gigabyte wallpaper contest and need some critique on my entry.

I recently participated (my entry) in the ‘heist’ competition to win a nvidia 760 4GB however lost to a more ‘comical’ homevideo.

So, I’m looking for more opportunities to upgrade my graphics card to something with CUDA for cycles, hence the latest competition.

The brief is, ‘create an FPS style background, minimum 1920x1080’ to paraphrase.

So, I modeled / textured a handgun in blender, rendered in cycles.

I want to keep this background very minimal as I like to leave a lot of room for icons, but remain stylish.

So, here it is.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel it is lacking.

p.s I thought about putting the IE icon under the laser :slight_smile:

Your image is looking good so far, I like the modeling. I would recommend adding a green edge/back light, to help define the shape of the gun better. I feel it’s form is being lost too much to the black background. Making it green will also make the source of the light appear to be from the green laser. I hope this suggestion helps!

Hey thanks James, yeh good idea on the green rimlight, it would help alot in exposing more geometry.



so I hand painted on some spec highlights, I had a hard time getting cycles lighting to work with anisotropic and spec so painting was quicker.

What do you think? I’m thinking about puting a gloved hand holding the gun now. at the moment I just have painted in black to give the illusion of someone holding it.


Just made a version with a coloured background. Kind of washes the gun out a bit though.

plus image compression really ruins the gradient.

maybe a bit of texture for the background would be cool? another thing which is bugging me is the bottom of the handle showing in the left hand corner. somehow when it dissapears into the black and then reappears, it’s a bit disturbing. maybe if you either have the whole handle visible, or you get rid of the bottom showing through. maybe in ps or something.