Gigantic Flying Loudspeaker (movie)

Codec used: Sorensen 3

Due to compression it lost a lot magic, but anyway. It will run in a german club and the speaker will bump according to the real sound (bpm via midi).
This was my first blender model (using blender since 2 weeks) and I´m happy. I learned a lot. Thanks to this forum.

Feedback & Improvements are always welcome.

Installed codec.

All it get is white screen. :frowning:

oh not another flippin codec. Its getting a bit crazy now, like each individual person will have his/her own personal codec.

yea, i agree with robdollar, can’t you people be happy with sorensen video 3?

Now its 3x the filesize and even less quality. But its Sorensen 3 now.

Whats Sorensen 3?

Never heard of it.

But it works anyway. :slight_smile: How are you going to make it move with the music?

Well I have 2 loops. This “Fly-Around” and one static shot from the front.

I get a signla from the DJ-Mixer, convert it in a BPM counter/clock to MIDI via USB into my computer and trigger it at every beat new.

This “FlyAround” is a little more difficult, because the movie has to be (timeline) scaled to 30 beats. But thats only maths.

it’s very nice, but, being a sound fanatic i would like to point out that it wouldnt work in space. There would be no gas to transmit the sound waves.

just thought i’d point that out

Yea that’s what I just thought too.