Gigantic Serpent Jaw/Jaw Animation

How can I create a good armature-based jaw animation, can you guys show me step-by-step your technique, do you weight paint it or what, I’ve been having a lot of trouble, It’s a dragon/serpent, so no complex skin doodles like with a human jaw.

Show us a picture of the model, then we can help. What you have said is like asking how to build an engine; an engine for what? a car, a boat, a plane, etc.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. Typically some snakes can dislocate their lower jaw to swallow large prey - do you want this or a simple hinge, do you want sideways movement? We need much more info!

I’d have it changed now you know

I deleted the main model so that I can build it knowing what I’ll do, but I have illustrations

Not seeing any images… just bad links

I can see them on my screen, strange.
I’ll post you the links instead of the images then.

OK, just seen your image - I would make the mesh first, don’t forget to use the Sub-Division Modifier and keep the vertex count down to as low as possible to achieve the detail you want. I would then make a chain of bones to represent the head, and several for the spine. Next add a bone for the jaw with its tail at the point of rotation and it should follow the approximate jaw line. Do an Automatic Weight parent to the mesh and then look at the weights in Weight Paint Mode, by selecting each bone in the vertex groups panel and see how it looks. You will probably need to tweak the weight paints to get it working as you want. This will allow you to open and close the mouth, you will also be able to move the jaw bone if you want to dislocate it.

Build your mesh and post an image here, then I can mark up where I think the bones should go. To build the mesh, start off with a simple short cylinder, with nothing in the ends, then shape it to make the overall cross section. You can then extrude and scale the end vertex loop to achieve your overall shape. For the top “fin” I would use the Insert tool (i in edit mode) then grab the inside polys and drag them up on the Z axis until they are the shape you want. Finer detail can be done in “Sculpt” Mode, where you can “paint” vertices to either rise or fall from the overall mesh shape.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. keep us informed here with progress, you needs are still a little vague.