I’ve been using blender for some time, although I’ve never used it to create a ‘serious’ model before. Before now I’ve never even made anything that good, but now I’m focused on my next model. I intend this model to be high quality and detail and will try my best to create and improve it. So here goes:

The model is meant to be of an ancient ape, Gigantopithecus, yet with fictitious elements (clothes etc). I want the final product to look intelligent, wise and strong. The ape I am trying to model looks very similar to a modern gorilla. I’ll be using 2.37a until 2.4 is released, then I’ll switch over. So, here is what I currently have:

Render of half the face, early stages.

Wireframe of the same half.

The full face, needs much improvment.

I personally feel that the eyes and ridges are good, but that the nose needs a lot of work. Please concentrate on this part of the model when replying, although all replies are welcome. Thank you for your time and thanks in advance for any answers!

The eyes should be seperate meshes.
Do you know how to use the mirror modifier? It think it would help you a lot.

The face seems a bit flat?

Is this Suzanne’s big brother? :wink: