Giger Alien

Okay. So i ended up fooling with Sculpt tool and tryed to learn to use it but only to find that my current computer could barely handle 100k+ polygons. So i was bit depressed by that. Nonetheless i finished up my first sculpt model and here it is. An Alien, inspired by H.R Gigers masterpiece.

Only the signature is postpro if you must know.

Sick! :slight_smile: Do you ever make anything that doesnt look good? I’ve always seen awesome stuff from you!

Comments like yours keep me going. :yes:

How long did it take you?
Its really good to say the least.
Borg is right. Your stuff is always awsome. Never doubt your ability, you have alot of talent.


I just checked the logs… i started around 20:30 and finished up in 3:20 or so. So that makes roughly what… 7 hours.

I just spent most of my day fooling around blender. So i end up doing all sorts of “experiments” like this one.

thats crazy good! nice work!

Looks very nice, but the texturing is not entirely correct! Make him shiner (wet look) with sharp spec reflection. And his teeth as well + make them silverish.
Look here:

PS: Like it a lot. Also just a suggestion…try to open his mouth and make that small jaws inside.

In that light the human skull in the front of aliens head should be faintly visible, as the dome is slightly transparent.

yeah I thought the teeth were a bit transparent too (rather than silver).

They are not transparent, belive me :slight_smile: I watched making of AVP like 10 times already. The teeth were painted with metalic paint. In any case it’s for Eradicor to decide how close he wants his model to the original .

Well … yeah i’ve seen both versions. Transparrent and silvery. And it varies trought the series a lot. Also the head model varies (one theori is it that the shape of skull comes partly from the initial host body for alien (see Alien 3)).

Anyway this was just sculpting test that turned out to be fun to finish up. Though imho its pretty blobby and wobbly… I am modelling “edgelooped” version of it now too… Infact… here is a pic of it. (edit)

EDIT - Image moved to:

nice looks just like the movies

Hmm transparent teeth for the purest (go Ridley S.)

Well i think people should really check the version 2. Really.

As said earlier it can be found here.