Giger's Alien Speaks! New thread

The Alien now talks.

I am going to doa short film with the Alien interacting with a girl who he goes out on a date with. Nothing special happens, the alien is kind of boring. Just talks about life in the hive, nothing unusual. People seem to ignore him, one kid asks for his autograph.

I just wanted to see if he could talk convincingly…

one word… LMAO!(well maybe 4)

GJ you should make a whole parody like that.

YEAH! Hilarious! Looking forward to the short film ;).


HAHAHAHAHHA, great, but theres too much lip movement, and u show the teeth a tad to much

ok i just installed divx…how to i get the file to play…it comes up in windows media player, and says it cant play it…how do i get it to play in divx player?

You need quicktime for .mov’s, don’t you?

yea…i just figured that out…but quicktime says compression not found…lol

That rocks. Really awesome! And the idea is great, too!

ok welli guess i cant play this file…oh well… i was looking foreward to seeing more of naymans stuff…oh well…but i finally figured out how to play an avi. file in windows media player…

Yeah, that one’s quite the challenge…

The lips seem to move kinda irregularly in some spots. But aside from that, looks good.

That was funny. Not quite the voice youd expect alien to have :smiley:

Nice looking lip sync.

You really need to work on your endings, if you consider those to be endings. Great work otherwise.


Wow, crazy modeling, what was the rendering time for this? I agree that his teeth show to much and there is a little to much lip movement.

only about a minute a frame (with motion blur)

Ummm, endings? This is just a test