Gilius = Thunderhead The Dwarf

Pieriko, Yeah this is still the viewport realtime rendering, I appreciate you not sure if it’s cycles or not :wink: Though I am considering cycles for a next project…

Ryeath, I explain the method I am using on a CG Cookie tutorial (I use vertex paint ao bakes):

Thank you!!

Great work! I used to play this game in the arcades!!

kfir == instant like, no need to check the work, even :slight_smile:

Amazing sculpt @kfir as usual. In my humble opinion your sculpts and presentation is already on par with Sideshow Collectibles.

Though you should check out the new viewport features in the Gooseberry branch of Blender (viewport SSAO and DoF) if you haven’t already.

Holy smoke that’s awesome!!


So cool you provided the reference. Really cool take on the concept!

Brilliant! Congrats on the feature, it’s absolutely well-deserved! :smiley:

And . . . I watched your CG Cookie tut. Your technique is stunning!! Going to be watching your Goblin Bust Timelapse soon. (I have so much to learn . . .). Again, keep up the great work!!

This is EPIC!!

Holy crap!!! stunning bro… remembers me of playing the crap out if it in a local snackbar hahahaha

Wtaching that turntable almost gave me a instant flashback hahaha i still remember the melody after lets say 23 years orso

I think the pose looks kind of silly… especially with the exciting music while nothing is happening…

the music is from the game :wink:

This is fantastic! Retro and awesome at the same time. Very deserving of the top-row. Well done!

Wow I appreciate the comments! Great encouragement! And also thank you for the privilege of a top-row I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
I find that retro themed characters that have been forgotten are a great inspiration to revisit and bring back to life so to speak. I hope to find more characters like that to design in the future.

@Psy-Fi Appreciate your development contribution getting blender to chug in more polys :slight_smile: which to me is the highest priority need for better digital sculpting. this one has almost 9 milion verts btw.

@NinthJake I really strive for this goal and hope to work on some of SC sculpts one day. I did play with the new realtime tools, and hope they will be integrated into the main Blender soon! :slight_smile:

@Astro1derboy Glad the tut was helpful! The timelapse of the Goblin bust, even though old, is basically still the same workflow I use now. Adding objects, shaping the silhouette, refining etc.

Memories! This is awesome!

Damn!!! Beautiful work. :slight_smile:

AWESOME SCULPT!!! Great skill!

Fantastic again!

Amazing work and likeness. I loved Golden Axe as a teenager. I would love to see you do more stuff like this - from the classic retro games of our past. It is because of the memories it brings me that this is my favorite by you thus far. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Again, great work! Lots of cool detail. I appreciate all of the info you have shared with the community so far. I especially have benefited from the video that shows how to configure realtime lights and shadows. I have been doing some sculpting in Blender later to get the feel for Dynotopo. Sculpting in Blender is pretty good. My problem is performance is pretty poor for me on meshes over a million polys. You look like you have quite a bit of detail here. I was wondering if you could give some details of your mesh. Also, I would appreciate it if you could share your hardware configuration. I have a feeling that my biggest bottleneck is my ATI graphics card. Thanks.