Gimble's Skunk Worx

Just playing around with the Fiber script:

Model started out as an oppossum, was trying to make a skunk, but it turned out looking more like a squirrel.
(about 600 kB)

Need to tweak the fiber length and density in a few areas yet, plus maybe reduce the overall density.

The face of a possum is longer, and maybe a skunk also. That might be part of the problem.

Althiom, the picker of nits

with so few colors that imge would compress very well [to prob 50kb] pallatized [256 colors]

looks nice, have you tried working on a material? [or using one in the fiber .blend]

for that you’d probably need more fibers however

althiom: Yes, I think I got the proportions wrong. I think it’s because it is so compact vertically that gives it that “squirrel-like” appearance. I wasn’t able to find any fur-less skunks on the internet for a reference, so I just sort of “winged it”.

z3r0_d: I made an earlier render with less density (it looks pretty sad):

Still working at it though… :slight_smile:

Waaahh! It wants to bite me. I suppose I should stop posting now, I’ve been blending for like 12 hours and I think I may have finally lost it. But…but, but, but, I’m getting towards completion on the most complex blend I’ve completed. I like the furry little thing. Who cares what animal it looks like? It’s neat.