Gimli's Helm

High res

I’ve been busy with all sorts of work recently, but one fine Saturday afternoon I decided to “take a break” and retexture and old model of mine. The old version is still available on blendswap.

Once I’d finished, it was interesting looking back and comparing the new version to the old one. Back when I’d textured it the first time, I was pretty proud of what I did. Now I think that it looks crap and the new version is awesome. Perhaps in a year’s time I’ll do this again and discover that this one is a piece of crap too :stuck_out_tongue:

That would make a nice prop for a movie. When will you post new tutorials at any way? :slight_smile:

awesome texturing ,looks real to my .

Thanks :slight_smile:
@georg - ohh one day :wink:

Dont lie to us i know you took a picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very good. You have captured the mood of LOTR :slight_smile:

@derekrb25017 - thanks :slight_smile: good to know I’m getting there
@ntnsftr - lotr lighting has to be my favourite of all - glad you think it’s similar :slight_smile: