Gimp 2.10 is out

GIMP 2.10.8

The focus this time was on optimizations and bugfixes, but there’s also hard-edge gradient functionality along with usability improvements. There’s also a hint that GIMP 2.10.10 will introduce various color-space improvements.

Very much in love with the “Improved GIMP experience on macOS” changes. :smiley:

…still no bugfix for the microscopic icons on win 7 x64 for me:

or the disconnected tool-tip frames. Also taskbar icon is 6x6 px:

Typical. Clean install and portable version all the same. “custom icon size” has no effect vs the other options on the size and “huge” means smaller than “medium.” How does this kind of problem even exist for this long or at all?

Never seen any other program suffer such an oddball issue. All I can think of is it must be because of GTK.

Could it be hardware specific, (as I am using Win10 64 bit (April Update) and there are no icon issues)?

Finally fixed! For some fubar logic GTK requires a specific “Content Type” value in the registry for .svg files.

It must be set to “image/svg+xml”

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Content Type"="image/svg+xml"

Seems SVG icons in GTK take a shit if that value is anything else. “Content Type” was most likely set to something different. In my case I am guessing when Inkscape was installed? Either way, ridiculous. At least on windows I still rarely use GIMP for anything except format conversions. PS CS6 is still working just fine for most things.

The consistency of Blender’s UI cross platform has to be commended!

The GIMP in 2019

In short, version 3 and the big rewrites it brings is still quite a ways off. However, the plan is to have more frequent releases with bug-fixes and new features starting with 2.10.10 late this month. There will be a new release every 2 months at most (which means the era of GIMP going years with no release is over).

The GIMP team will also start releasing dev. builds of 3.0 in the form of version 2.99 sometime soon as well. They will be unstable so they shouldn’t be used for serious editing.


GIMP 2.10.10

Biggest changes are enhanced fill brush features, upgrades to the GEGL backend, sample merged for the heal brush, 32 bit brushes, and a new ability to help you find which pixel belongs to which layer.

There’s also the usual bugfixes along with other features. This release has already been out a week, but I’m not sure how many check their site often.

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not really related to this news but do you think GEGL library could be integrated with blender?
The image editor and compositor could benfit i think . with everything node coming it could allow for allot of possibilities and it is already openCL accelerated ?

Gimp 2.10.12

Just in case you missed it, I did.

Changes include improvements to curves, faster painting, many bugfixes, .tiff image layer support, user-installed font support on Win10, and some resolved annoyances and smaller tweaks.

This release was seen as needed because of the bugs introduced in 2.10.10. It sounds like they also intend another bugfix release. GIMP 3.0 meanwhile is seeing ongoing development and information will come soon.

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I installed the new GIMP and I think it somehow changed my picture files to gimp format. Unless I did something afterwards that converted them. When I went into properties for the image files I believe they said gimp. Regardless they had the gimp icon. I uninstalled it and they re-verted back to the old formats. If this actually happened how do you prevent it or re-vert them back to jpeg’s and png’s. I would like to re-install gimp. Thanks

Don’t remember about Gimp but most programs ask you which file types you want them to open for you by default. If you missed that part of installation, you can also change that in windows.

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I re-installed gimp and my png’s icon changed to a gimp icon. I then right clicked on the image file and went to open with…default programs…and choose I believe the windows picture viewr. When I look at the properties of the file it says png but when you hover over it it says item type gimp. Strange but probably okay. Thanks czerw.

It’s just changing the icon. If the extension is still the same and it still opens as PNG etc. with other programs, it’s not changing the contents.

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As much as i would have like to use it i never like how sluggish it is when dealing with filter and big image size and frankly 110$ for Photoshop is not going to ruin even an indie like me.

I also use Quixel suite and for this to work i need Photoshop.

GIMP 2.10.14

Here are release highlights:

  • Basic out-of-canvas pixels viewing and editing
  • Optional editing of layers with disabled visibility
  • Foreground Select tool: new Grayscale Preview Mode
  • Newly added Normal Map filter
  • 27 old filters ported to use GEGL buffers
  • HEIF, TIFF, and PDF support improvements
  • Better loading of corrupted XCF files
  • Grayscale workflows order of magnitude faster
  • macOS Catalina compatibility
  • 45 bugfixes, 22 translation updates

In addition, in the next few months, a version known as 2.99 will be released and it will start the alpha/beta cycle for GIMP 3.0 (which is intended to be a rather large release).


GIMP 2.10.18

Here are release highlights:

  • Tools are now grouped in the toolbox by default
  • Sliders now use a compact style with improved user interaction
  • Vastly improved user experience for the transformation preview
  • Dockable areas now highlighted when a dockable dialog is being dragged
  • New 3D Transform tool to rotate and pan items
  • Much smoother brush outline preview motion on the canvas
  • Symmetry painting enhancements
  • Faster loading of ABR brushes
  • PSD support improvements
  • Consolidated user interface for merging down and anchoring layers
  • Update check to notify users of new releases available
  • 28 bug fixes, 15 translation updates

In short, the lion’s share of changes involve UI and UX, which has been seen as GIMP’s most critical weakness.


Those first 2 bullets on the release highlights are absolutely awesome! Though I do wish the new slider’s interaction model were implemented closer to how Blender handles it. But it’s a welcome addition nontheless in its current state.

I’ll have to wait until tonight to see if hi-dpi support has improved, though it doesn’t sound like it has. It’s pretty terrible unfortunately on the 2 series :frowning: maybe I’ll give 3 a try tonight to see if that’s improved with gtk3 hopefully…

How does gimp handle 32 bit multilayer openexr these days?


I believe I saw one of the developers do some work in importing OpenEXR into GIMP a while ago.

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