Gimp 2.3.13 released!

Hurray! Whoopy! Yahoo!

Changes in GIMP 2.3.13

  • show information about embedded color profiles in Image Properties dialog
  • allow to apply color profiles on load (still work in progress)
  • new vectors PDB API to replace the old path API
  • added “Auntie Alias” plug-in for antialiasing on lineart
  • added Edit->Fade operation
  • added Rounded Corners option to Rectangle Select tool
  • improved WinIcon plug-in (now loads and saves 24 bit and Vista icons)
  • merged gimp-tiny-fu; replaces Script-Fu Scheme interpreter with TinyScheme
  • remember unit and interpolation type in scale and resize dialogs
  • changed default interpolation type to Cubic
  • show comment in Image Properties dialog
  • when loading in image as layers, don’t merge the layers
  • added experimental palette color selector module
  • don’t save thumbnails that don’t match the image
  • increased tool handle sizes for better usability
  • implemented brush scaling from the tool options (only downscaling yet)
  • import paths embedded into TIFF files
  • support vectors in the Script-Fu and Python-Fu user interfaces
  • added PDB functions to retrieve position of layers/channels/vectors
  • added side pane with table of contents to the Help Browser
  • bug fixes and code cleanup

707411y 1337

Hey, and all the FTP mirrors still have 2.3.12 only. That list there probably isn’t complete for what will become 2.3.13.

I dunno, says 2.2.13 now…

Wich is what I assume you mean…2.2.13; NOT 2.3.13?

It’s the development version. The news page hasn’t been updated on that yet…

Yup. Tis’ all true what Friday13 said.

Since I’ve been working with it for a few hours, I thought I’d share my first really large headache:

Tiny-Fu was folded in to replace Script-Fu, which is great. But Tiny-Fu has much tighter variable declaration rules, and in consequence all of my home-grown scripts are now broken. And finding information on how to fix them is really, really difficult seeing that most scripts and script tutorials that you find have the same problems.

For instance, in the old days (yesterday and before), you could out of the blue do something like this:

(set! second-layer (car (gimp-layer-copy drawable 0)))

without ‘second-layer’ being previously declared, and it would be instantiated. That will not work now unless ‘second-layer’ is declared before the call with the ‘let*’ command. I haven’t been able to figure out how to instantiate this variable in a way that Gimp likes. If anyone has ideas, I’d love to here them.


does anybody know wehter there will be any improvement of brush settings modification ability? As it is in Phothoshop. This is still real weakness of GIMP for textures painting. Thank you very much for your answer.


There has been a bunch of improvements in the development branch (2.3.x). If you’re not using that branch, you won’t have to wait real long; 2.4 is almost done.

Thank you very much for answer and good new on brushes improvement. I am not using unstable verisions of GIMP so I was not aware of all potentialy new features. I would be great if there is flexibility like e.g. Artweaver has.

What is the progress on the healing brush?

It’s getting better. It’s still not done yet, but the devs want it complete for 2.4.


Of photoshops feautures I would like to see in a release coming soon the top three would be: its brush control system, advanced layer setting(and no I don’t mean mix, burn, etc.), and magnetic lasso. Magnetic lasso may not be too hard to code, since it could probably use portions of the electric scissor’s.

The brush system is in process of a major overhaul, so you got that. The entire layer system is going to become something incredibly powerful by Gimp 3.0. Much more powerful than anything Photoshop can currently do. And the ‘magnetic lasso’ like tool has been in Gimp for ages. Maybe Photoshop’s does something that Gimp’s doesn’t?

Can You tell us sth. about Gimp 3.0? How far in the future should we look?

I’m still waiting for a some sort of “blending options” duplicate function in GIMP. It’s a real handy tool when I’m making website lay-outs and similar design stuff. Any ideas when a system like this will be implemented? As soon as that’s in, I’m dumping my Photoshop 7.0 for good.

I’m using 2.2 and can’t find the magnetic lasso, it has electric scissors if that’s what you mean. One thing that I love is Lightroom, it is still in beta and may be in the next photoshop release. Gimp doesn’t have vanishing point, but that isn’t a very big deal.

Hey Skottish,

I have heard about the other things, but how do you know that the brush system is being overhauled? Last time I heard something about it they said somebody was going to work on it for GSOC, but then they changed their mind and rather worked on GEGL. I’d be very interested in seeing that happen, too!

Would be someone so kind and tell me where I can download build for Windows. I have been searching whole evening but only Linux ones are available.

Thank you in advance

There you go.

I was refering to development build 2.3.13 which is the topic of this thread. Not the stable version 2.2.13 that I have installed on my PC a long time ago :smiley: