GIMP 2.4.0 Released!!!

Brand new GIMP release was announced today:

GIMP has also new website design (quite in style of Blender one :-))

Yes! Excellent! My Favorite 2D App

thanks for the heads up! is difficult to load now though

They need to update the windows version,
No worries, I’m heading back over to linux tonight.


Hello Everyone,

I had the same problem with 2.4 that I had with the release candidates. If you are on windows and have a wacom tablet, see the thread shown below for instructions to get GIMP to recognize the tablet.

When I tested Gimp the last time I had some problems with the pressure sensitivity for my Wacom Intuos 3. Everything worked perfectly, except for the size. Which appeared more stepped than fluidly follow the pressure of the pen. Is this still the case?
I think it was the 2.2 version for Windows I tried…

The moved around the “Cancel” and “OK” buttons around, now I keep canceling stuff accidentally. Oh well, it looks a bit better.

is the lancaz sampler implemented???..NVM I’ll go download…

Yep, it has Lanczos3 resampling.