GIMP 2.4 is OUT!!!

Thats it people. GIMP 2.4 is finally OUT!

See the New: for more.
The Downloads section is still missing all the versions, but they will come in the couple days. :slight_smile:
Also a direct link to the release notes:

PS: I was not so sure about putting this news here or in the “Other Software” section. :stuck_out_tongue:

mh looks good

hehe I uninstalled gimp 2.2 then went to the page and aaarrrrrggggg. not available in windows bin yet. haha now I dont have anything. not going to install 2.2 again, hope 2.4 actual windows installers come out by the weekend:eek:

Emerging… I wonder if there is any changes after rc3.
They have nice new site also, looks like

Gimp 2.4 installer for windows is up :slight_smile:

The current link to the windows installer is for 2.2, you’ll have to look at the sourceforge download page for 2.4

They have fading main menu’s :ba:

Thats funny, I just installed RC3 yesterday.

Is it just me … or did there used to be a lot more script-fu scripts included?

Luckily, the normalmap plugin ( ) works just fine in the new version. :slight_smile:

And still no way to use under OSX and have Wacom pressure sensitivity…

Indeed, it would be nice to see something a bit more original. A lot of time was spent on designing it for the content that’s on the site, and also blender’s visual identity. I think the GIMP would do a lot better for itself too, to push for a stronger individual brand.

It also gives a false impression, that blender and GIMP are somehow part of a larger group and connected in some way. They’re not - there is no crossover in policy, developers, planning or anything between the two projects, they’re similar only in the same way that Photoshop and 3ds Max are - by their development models, which isn’t really much at all.

I like the new site too. I thought that a Blenderartist member designed it. i think i saw a post on the BA forums where he showed his early designs, but I could be wrong…

Edit: I can’t spell

For some reason when I start mine it crashes trying to load fonts… (Windows XP SP2) :frowning:

Anyone know how to fix that?

this could not have come for me at a better time. I JUST got a new Wacom… it’s being shipped to me as i type this… nowi won’t have to fight the Gimp with the brush sizes thing one single time, and it will work more like how i used to be able to paint in PS. That is radness to the max. Beyond awesome.

In the next few weeks i am sure to flood the Traditional section of the forum trying to shake off my painting cobwebs. >GLEE<

While I did have a problem at first, simply restarting Gimp fixed it.

Pash, I think that Gimp 2.4 will crash if you are using, either pluggins or scripts that are not compatible with the latest version, it took a while to figure out that problem on my computer. To fix that you can take out all of the scripts that You added. If that doesn’t work it might have something to do with your fonts, but i’m not sure, I didn’t have that problem. Hope this helps.

no windows version yet! >:(

I had the same problem once… i think the fix was to put some font files in a directory like C:\Fonts ot something like that… i can’t remember which fonts you needed, but they were basic fonts, like Arial or Tahoma…
You can always google it…:slight_smile:

here is the windows installer!

but is there a 2.4? it seems all those windows files are around version 2.2? i would think this is a better address:

The page has been updated with 2.4 now :slight_smile: