Gimp 2.50 is up for testing

You will need to compile this:

The most notable change in GIMP 2.5 happened under the hood. The color tools in GIMP have been ported to GEGL. This does not yet have much impact on the user experience but it is a first and important step forward. With full GEGL integration GIMP will finally get support for higher color depths, more colorspaces and eventually non-destructive editing.

This will be good, maybe not in 2.5 though. Using Rawtherapee with my Nikon D80 and then saving as 32bit tiff for editing, sharpening etc. Will be good to do it all in Gimp if possible, but probably expecting too much to see RAW editing of that level.

Thanks for the heads up.

It looks like they are letting us add tool bars to the image windows now too, this looks really cool!
My first break today I am going to download all the Dependant’s and try compiling.

Woah! So now GIMP is all in one window!
That is totally awesome.

One-window GIMP is exactly what I was fearing. I’ve gotten so used to its mult-window workflow, being able to minimize the windows that I wanted, that I was hoping they’d never go to one window like Photoshop. Call me a dork for thinking that, but that’s my opinion.

It’s optional. You should be able to configure how it works in the preferences.

it is on every image window now if you want :slight_smile:

The multi window thing only bothers me when I’m on windows, on linux it just feels right…

Cool to have the option though!

Any screenshots of the toolbox docked to the image window?

It’s going to make it 900X easier for Photoshop people in windows to start making the transition to open source. You’ve got to give to get . . .

This is reminding me of blender. I’ve heard that for 2.5, blender will have multiple windows. A number of people seem to think that this is a good thing, but haven’t had the reality check, and realized that it really isn’t such a good thing.

Oh good grief! As if it isn’t enough of a PITA to work around that damn console window.

Ton stated that will be an optional thing and you can only undock windows if you want to, Ton actually mentions the GIMP in that part of ‘the future of Blender’ video.

GIMP in one window would be a good thing.

i wish gimp finally is in a single window , also have effects per layer and a bigger preview in the i warp effect.

Why is it so hard for people to accept that some people LIKE multiple windows?

I have two monitors of different sizes, having multiple windows in blender will be great!

When I work on my laptop, guess what, I’ll probably just open the one window…

GIMP in one window would be a good thing.

when I want it to be then I agree. Having the choice to do either/or is what’s cool.

almost all of the gimp tools and functions can be accessed by simply right clicking on the image.

I like multiple windows too, i use a virtual desktop, and I have desktops dedicated to different parts of my project. Very nice feature, not to have to minimize and restore windows… I just switch desktops.

How stable is this? Beta, Alpha or is this still pre Alpha?

…It’s in the “unstable” series, so it’s not recomended for “live” work. Seems pretty usable though!

Just got around to compiling it, so only played for 20 minutes or so, but photoshop users really will have very little to complain about when this comes out. I switched from photoshop last year after about 16 years (really that long?) of professional use.
(I wanted to use linux primarily). The only things I miss are layer groups and 32bit, the latter I need so infrequently it wasn’t a problem for me.

I switched from photoshop last year

And I just went the other way!
Photoshop CS on ebay. The multiple window thing, the speed, layer effects, adjustment layers, alpha channel work, layer sets, etc. Plus my copy of gimp on XP kept crashing…so that’s what put me over the edge. (I got errors of the jpg plugin crashing, telling me “probably because it’s an old plugin” error. not for me.)

Maybe 2.5 will be better.

can anyone offer a winXP binary of gimp 2.5? I’m learning C++ but I’m not yet at the point where I can build a project like this