GIMP 2.6 is getting close and Inkscape plugin

Hi all

Just surfing on the GIMP UI Brainstorm (where all the new/improved versions of theGIMP are located and discussed) and read that there is going to be an Inkscape Plugin.

How great is this?
I mean Inkscape is superb but it only lacks an bunch of features (meaning that it has not as many features as an commercial vector program), GIMP on the other hand has it, but it is only an bitmap editor and therefor you cant get sharp lines when zoomed in.

Now with this function you can combine those.

Come on Sven Neumann and other developers, I’m eating my nails to the skin…
Release it!!!..Rahhh:P

Ummm… The UI Brainstorm site is a place with user submitted mockups of what they would like to see happen in GIMP. That particular link you posted is likely a mockup from a guy that thinks Inkscape should be incorporated into GIMP not something that has actually happened.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

I find it a bit hard to believe that gimp 2.6 is close to being released. Gimp follows a development cycle - release cycle model for development. They have only been on the current development cycle for less than 5 months, and have only released 3 development snapshots. I wouldn’t get excited about 2.6 for at least another 9 months. Especially considering the GEGL integration work they are doing.

They’re aiming for 2.6 release candidate 1 next month (September)
It’s already quite good and usable (on linux anyway) although the “wheel” colour picker is broken in 2.5.3 which is a showstopper for me, so I’m sticking with 2.5.2 'til they fix that.

There is already a windows build of 2.5.4 available. It has some nice tools and improvements.

Thank you very much for the link for 2.5 GIMP test build. It is really difficult to find those.

I build my own on linux…

Is the colour wheel fixed in 2.5.4?

The color wheel is still broken. Running 2.5.4 on Ubuntu 8.04.

2.5.4 doesn’t seem to have tablet support… on windows, haven’t tried on linux though :confused:

I thought the same thing. For me the problem was I launched it with my mouse then switched to the tablet. When I launched from the tablet it worked fine. Vista Ultimate x64, Wacom Bamboo Fun.

After clicking on the 32 Win link i get timeouts.:frowning:

same here.

Works well enough here. Perhaps had problems earlier.

Downloading - seems to be going for 5 to 6 minutes.

gruvsyco, thanks… never thought of that, but it still works to pen 2.4 with the mouse then switch to the tablet. Oh well at least there is a way to get it working :smiley:

Now all they need to do is make a Gimp+Inkscape plugin for Blender and then you’d have some omgwtfbbqpwnage all over again

Ok people, the svn version (2.5.5) has the almighty color wheel back to the living. Thanks Gimp dev people.

Krita 2 supports bot vectorial and raster graphics on the same canvas :smiley:

It’s not yet final, but you might wanna look into it.