Gimp 2.7 questions

I’m not sure where to ask this but… does anyone know if the iWarp tool is being updated in the upcoming build? Or if any of the tools are, for that matter?

i dont think so , they havent saud anything about it , the actual iwarp SUCKS

That’s kinda why I asked. It’s good that the program is constantly moving forward, but somethings in it are somewhat lagging behind.

Most things (unless they are definite bugs) will probably continue to lag for a while.

2.7 / 2.8 Series is focused on getting all non-GEGL related changes merged into the tree/ With the exception of the projection code and a couple other bits that have been ported to GEGL

2.9 / 2.10 Series is to focus on completely (or almost to completely) porting everything to GEGL.

At least that’s the current plans as heard through the grapevine. Things may change.

2.10 sounds extremely confusing, as it would be the “same” as 2.1, they should call it 3.0.

I have two complaint about Gimp:

  • it has started to crash every time I try to do something with color, hue, contrast etc.
  • the interface is aweful. they should do it as blender, non-overlapping. Like inkscape.

yes they should go like inkscape.

they just dont get it

They call it 2.10.0, not 2.1.

Quoted for agreement. Did you ever see the mockups they did for the Gimp using Blender’s UI?

hmm, i get this feeling that i always sound like a whining bitch (that i am), but can’t help it when it comes to these kind of threads.
so, for everyone: most of the opensource programs, especially the big ones, have a website, where you download the program. usually, it amazingly resembles the name of the program also, like gimp has and inkscape has… and so on. also google knows some of these.
on these websites, you also have links to the the support and community sections, where you can go and meet the users of the same software, read the documentation, join the mailinglists, or even find out irc channels of the topic where you can ask for help, or even help the community if you feel like it.

it’s all voluntery ofcourse… instead of using their dedicated forums, you can ofcourse go to any forum, like and just ask away. there just might be somebody out there that knows about it.

so, while we are at it, is there anything wrong with your ubuntu installation, or maybe i could help you out picking some nike shoes?



Please point me to these forums… It’d be more constructive than your poor attempt at sarcasm.

BTW this isn’t some random site. It’s a site that goes out of it’s way to post information on the software in question. Therefore, fair game. :wink:

Another quote for agreement.

Gimp is so powerful but feels so clumsy.

Probably should be in the “other software” section tho…

Someone was bound to say it, at least it was done with tact…I must respectfully agree…but damn I love that gimp!..not as much as blender.

There were always two things about gimp that buged me out. Not having the ability to group layers and having no indestructible layer properties/effects like in ps. But the last one could technically be possible with GEGL. Well we’ll see. It’s good to know that the development goes on but Gimp seems to have not that much active developers like blender. :eek: Well, Blender is on this hand one of the finest OpenSource tools i know with many active developers world wide and it’s growing and growing.