Gimp 2.8... Sucks...

After 20 years of adding a simple one window feature … and gimp 2.8 sucks… when moving the canvas it does some strange ugly glitches and its slow… and it also have crashed 2 times already… wtf ???

Ton Roosendal should give these guys some lessons…

Heh, it’s certainly slows my work (the graphical glitches) but otherwise it hasn’t crashed on me. I just pan less in smaller chucks so it can update the screen.

Hmpf. To each his own. The canvas updates in tiles, and it’s very nearly instantaneous, so I don’t mind it. The official build hasn’t crashed on me yet in the 20-odd hours I’ve spent with 2.8. And the brush engine is an awesome improvement. The transform tools could have used an update, and canvas rotation would have been nice, but all in all it’s a nice upgrade. You’re free to use 2.6 or something else entirely if you believe 2.8 “sucks”.

You mean to say you can’t rotate the canvas? Can you rotate images or layers?

You can rotate layers as you want of course. But images as a whole can only be rotated -90/90/180 degrees.

No crashes at all here, and I’ve used it quite a lot lately.
The buggy display while panning is a really minor annoyance to me and is GTK related. Will be fixed with GTK3 builds.
The brush system is way nicer.
Layer groups (somewhat restricted, but they are there !)

I’ve read so much bad press about 2.7/2.8 that i was quite cautious. But in fact i am positively surprised. Very harsh post.

Hey guys this is early days for gimp as the code has been ported to GEGl
now that its ported more features or at least better improved features would added
i read somewere that GEGL will eventually introduce opencl
im no program but i understand that more developers will start working on gimp
so good times ahead
for FOSS
out of topic i cant wait till ffmpeg gets gpu accelerated enncoding video editing
from this point i would then truly have the full FOSS experiance

Premise: One thing doesn’t work for one person.
Conclusion: Gimp sucks.
Logic: Shady.

I haven’t tried Gimp 2.8 myself yet, but this topic is ill proposed.

Yeah, cause we all know he’s never let a blender release out the door with a serious bug or two still intact…</sarcasm>

On that note, you have reported your bugs to the gimp bug tracker I assume?

canvas is not usable…
can not work with GIMP
very bad for “stable” release

first time i think about switch back to old version or to other software

Works perfect here in Ubuntu 12.04.
I would guess is a driver problem in windows only?

If you check View/UseGEGL it continues the same?

And answering the post below (yes, that is telepathy!): Yes the colorpicker in linux works perfect too.

Does the color picker work for any of you guys? I reverted back to 2.6 cause it was unusable.

What is you system TS1234 ?
I run win 7 64 on ATI card, 7 GB of RAM and an old Q6600 and it’s absolutely fine.
Only some very minor problems, nothing as serious as the image you post…

@JoshuaC: same question: what system ? Color picker works perfectly here.

Don’t forget to mention the system you are on !

I have it (when i move the canvas, and when working on large texture i move the canvas a lot since i’m zooming in for precision) on my window xp too if i use a version 2.7
This problem is so annoying for my usage of Gimp that it’s the only reason i went back to my 2.6.x that had no such problem. I miss the single window interface though, but at least there’s no slowdown and this horrible tile delaying visual update when working and moving large textures

I hope Gimp 3.0 is not too far , as from what i gathered the problem is said to be fixed in gtk3, that Gimp will be ported to only in Gimp 3.0

i have bit old system with WinXP 32 bit / 2GB
but no other software with such bugs

I am not a fan of the way GIMP development is handled (british understatement) but 2.8 works pretty well on Vista Home Pro 64 and I can’t remember the last time I saw GIMP crash.

I’ve been using GIMP for a couple years now and just got done testing with some Hi-Res photos, and couldn’t make it screw up. I’m running an AMD Quad-Core, with 8G’s of ram, and an NVIDIA GE Force GTX 465. Also turned up Envronment Settings in Preferences.

On my Kubuntu 12.04 system 2.8 it works like a charm! :slight_smile:
Have compiled 2.9, however, cos I finally wanted to try higher bit depths, and everything was sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow and unresponsive that I had to switch back to 2.8.
Applying a simple filter or some other layer transform caused lags, long screen redraw times etc. Disabling GEGL did help though but not much.
We’re so spoiled in Blender with stable beta versions that trying a beta version of some other app might really feel like…uh…yeah… beta! :wink:

Haha, yes Blender is on the right path, this is bound to make us more critical towards other projects.
Blender is a good example, let’s hope that it does affect/influence other projects as well. :slight_smile:

That sounds like you are compiled a DEBUG build instead a RELEASE build. If you don’t know anything about programming, debug is a way of creating the code that enables to go step by step executing it and looking at the values the variables of the program and registers of the CPU and whatever info you want.

I also want to use gimp with 16bit images. And I hope they also incorporate HDR and EXR. Then it really will be an important and decisive release when they do that!

I haven’t been able to make it crash, but the slow and glitchy canvas is pretty bad…