GIMP 2.9 is out !

Has anyone tried it on Windows?

Does it have issues with Wacom tabs?

Does it run fast when working with 4k+ images?

Where to download it for Windows?
I think that development series 2.9 were out for awhile.

I imagine Prokoudine medicating himself with a large does on antiemetics and wearing a hazmat suit before starting building the Windows version…

You can download a nightly Windows build from here:

But beware, the 2.9 series is developer version. And unstable.

EDIT: Didn’t even start here …

I was starting to get the impression that the GIMP foundation was dispersing

Usability is still a nightmare. But it only took them a decade to merge the transform tools which is nice, I suppose.

@fdfxd: they are not disbanding but nowadays the clout is for Krita, not for GIMP.

I consider more likely for Krita to incorporate GIMP functionalities than GIMP getting some serious evolution, especially at GIMP glacial development pace. B.t.w., do not discount the possibility of using Blender compositor for node-based image processing: e.g., many GIMP photoediting tutorials show stuff that could be easily done inside Blender.

Maybe feature wise but the performance of the Blender compositor is really bad and you can’t do anything complex in it.

I like the new warp tool. You can even make animations with it, nice. You can also make images larger than 8 bit, finally.

Yeah, at this rate it will be another 2 years before GIMP catches up to the current version of Krita in terms of usability. It’s just now, after all these years, getting actual canvas rotation.

Am happy with both… here’s another link to downloads:

they have quite a bit of catching up to do with Krita :slight_smile:

As far as I know right now, Krita has almost zero focus whatsoever on photo editing, filtering, de-noising, and the like.

The GIMP, with all its faults, is right now the best that FOSS can give you in terms of that type of task. Hopefully the development of Krita will give enough of a kick to force the GIMP Foundation into fostering a better environment for development.

What advantages does Gimp have over krita in that regard? Last time I checked Krita has non destructive layer filters , while gimp developers are still catching up there. They added the mypaint brush engine, so I am assuming that their development focus is on digital painting as well. Meanwhile krita has not one, not two, but several brush engines and much better brush system in general.

So the question is where does gimp lead krita for photo editing?

What I’m talking about is tools like removing noise and removing small, unwanted elements in a smart way (stuff specific for editing things like photos and renders).

The Krita devs. are focusing more on the painting and creative aspects of art, not touching things up and polishing things out.

He’s quite right, for instance there’s no way you’re working with text in Krita.

Add rulers and you have pretty much summed all GIMP’s advantages on Krita :D. As I wrote, it is more likely that Krita quickly borrows the few missing things from GIMP than vice versa. Anyway, one also keeps GIMP around, it is not a problem.

Has anyone tried it on Windows?

Does it have issues with Wacom tabs?

Does it run fast when working with 4k+ images?

on windows NO ( i do not use that OS )
but i have had NO problems with building the development code puled from GIT
just your normal everyday breakage from a commit that can happen

on 4k images ?
do you mean a image that is 4096x4096 ( 8,16,or 32 bit and G or RGB )

i have had NO problems with small images that size while using gimp 2.0,2.2,2.4,2.6,2.8 and not with 2.9-dev

i did with gimp 1.? back in 2002 - i had 256 meg ram

GIMP is back from the dead…
I don’t know what you are doing, but I am celebrating. Krita is far superior for artworks(like mypaint), but from the site:
‘If you want to work on collage, photo editing or print production work, Gimp might be more suitable.’
Gimp at the current moment is meant for photo editing. It just painfully died away some time ago, and now has to catch up. I might soon need an alternative.

It was never dead, it has just been moving as a glacial pace due to the way that the GIMP leads treat users and prospective developers.

Most of the GIMP’s issues are self-inflicted and can easily be fixed, but they need to start losing the focus on development based on software ideology. Fortunately the code is out there so if someone wanted to fork the project and make it into the powerful photo editor they hoped it would’ve become they can.