GIMP 2 "Font Size Errors"

When I start to scroll through the fonts in GIMP 2 I get this error in the console:
** (gimp-2.0.exe:964): WARNING **: Error in FT_Set_Char_Size: 23

It repeastes the message on every scrolling action and it clutters up the console, and plus I just don’t like having the console down there, it bothers me. :frowning: I also think I noticed a slight perofrmance hit.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m running WinXP/Home

I’m also getting “Could not load Tahoma, reverting to Sans” errors everytime I try to move text I have put in an image. I can’t move it. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your time.

i get those too, havent caused me any problems tho.

you can prolly just ignore it.

I get the same messages - usually when I’m making a selection floating. However, this doesn’t influence GIMP as long as you don’t close the error window…

I haven’t experienced any further problems caused by the window and even though it bothers me, too, I have to get used to it.

Your second problem seems to be a bit strange, I haven’t got it yet - but I have two solutions for you:

  1. Don’t load the tahoma font - I have two fonts folder, the default one by windows and the GIMP folder, I suggest you copy all the fonts you need to that GIMP folder and leave fonts like Tahoma in the Windows and uncheck that folder in the Font Settings.
  2. Update the GIMP - v2.03 has solved some of my minor font problems (I couldn’t use some of them, now I can use every single font in both folders).Now there’s also v2.04 available, so upgrading might help to solve that problem.

I hope you get evrything fixed!