GImp and Wacom...

Okay i noticed that when i try to paint somthing in gimp with my Bamboo Wacom the color doesnt change and i can only use the brush tool…
how do i make it so it works? Iv seen other posts like this but i am going to admit i am to lazy look for them Sorry…

Can anyone help

Only the Linux version of GIMP works with Bamboo.

I know from experience. You can get a little work done if you use the back end of it instead of the tip. Aside from that, just use Artweaver, some other program, or Linux.

Perhaps future versions of GIMP on windows will work better.:spin:

GIMP hates wacoms. PhotoShop LOOOOOOOOVES them. And I love PS.

In the most recent version of Ubuntu (8.04), my tablet works with GIMP right out of the box. It’s not a wacom, though. Its… aiptek (?). I think I’ve had it for at least 5 years.

I forgot to mention that you must also compile the driver for the bamboo yourself. It’s not that hard. Just follow the guides.

The world hates bamboo, and now you will too.:spin:

I have bamboo, and pressure sensitivity never works good, on best it draws and erases

I have a Intuos and works perfectly on Windows Gimp

dunno if the solution is in this link but it a guide on installing wacom for GIMP on the gimp forum,

The Bamboo seems to work properly on the new 2.6 gimp:yes:

Gimp 2.6 no problems whatsoever with my Bamboo. It was annoying in past versions though. <3 Gimp

I have a Graphire 4 running Gimp 2.6 on Windows XP and pressure sensitivity doesn’t work.

intuos3-xp64 and wacom does not work in inscape-gimp-blender. Wacom was working fine with with apps in the past. Something has gone wrong with latest releases.