gimp bezier selection handles

In the gimp1 you used to click on a point to modify it’s handels by clicking on them and moved the points by control-clicking on them. In the gimp2 the bezier points are moved by clicking on them how do you access the handels?

%| I don’t know what I was doing wrongly it works perfectly now

yes, quite uncomfortable the way paths work in the Gimp, i wonder why haven’t they used a more “classic” method to manipulate Bezier curves in the new version. paths are also hard to see. and, in the Windows version at least, buggy - sometimed duplicate won’t work or would make paths disapear, copy/paste never works and other strange things. also, in Gimp2 the color tools are quite hidden (2 levels deep in Tools/Color Tools) and, if you put them in a drawer/tab, they won’t show options in the the main options pallete - they’re practically useless there. Gimp 1.25 was more stable but it had far too many windows. but i guess the Gimp people are conservative aristocrats and have a secular reputation to protect so expect no better interface :-?

a couple of other programs that support vector curves are PIXIA ( freeware ) and Jasc paint shop pro ( shareware ). Both good programs. There are a couple of others too, but I can’t think of them at the moment. ( I never had any problems using the GIMP curves though )

Jedi Dawn.
in the new version of gimp, there is a design method for curves and an edit method ( both available in the tooltips window). design is for points on a curve and edit is for handles.