GIMP+Blender and the Alpha-Channel

(olaf) #1

Hey Blndermaniacs,

For all the peaple who have problems with GIMP and Blender to get the Alpha-Channel to work when you save your Image here is one solution that I find out by hazard :-))

In the Render Buttons (F12) turn on RGBA+Premul and save your rendered Image as Iris, that’s all.

It works fine for me with Gimp Version 1.2.3 under Linux, have a look at:

Bye, Olaf.

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(Hos) #2

The workaround I’ve been using is to save as RGBA targa,
then use ImageMagic (convert) to convert it to PNG, then
open the PNG in gimp.

btw: this bug still persists in gimp 1.3.7 so I
have filed a bug through bugzilla:



(Hos) #3

Looks like jimmac beat me to it and that the
gimp people are blaming the blender people:


(haunt_house) #4

I have photoshop at school and the alpha channel is correctly displayed in the channels.

But that´s of course Adobe. intelligent exception handling


(kayosIII) #5

I don’t know about WIndows but I have had general probs with Alpha (even writing my own code) from Blender from linux. I found that the SGI format worked exceptionally well though. ( Generally speaking I find the gimp’s handling of alpha more intuitive than any other paint program I have worked with)

(Hos) #6

Just a follow up: I have written a perl script that patches
blender’s targa files to work in gimp: