Gimp-blueprint setup

hello world!
exuz if my english is bad.
i wanna know how to split my blueprint in equal size with the gimp.
thank you

You use the Gimp’s Split plug-in, of course:

You will need Gimptool to compile this.

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It looks like there may already be a Windows .exe file. So if you’re using Windows, you may only need to download the file.

If you are trying to cut up an image…there is one already in Gimp, called Guillotine. First, drag out some guides from to top and left of your image to where you want to make your cuts. Then, from the menus in you canvas window do Image>Transform>Guillotine. It will cut up the image according to where you placed the guides.

ok thank you.
my biggest problem is to cut image with exactly same size

Using guides would probably make it easiest.