Gimp Build for Win32 XP anybody?

I’m confused about Gimp. I want to try it but why is it so hard to find a safe reliable place that hosts the latests builds?

I’m not an opensource junkie per se’, I just can’t afford the expensive commercial software for my own personal artwork. So I don’t have the knowledge to compile my own builds.
I was hoping there was an equivilent to but for gimp. Is there one?

Maybe could host gimp builds? (I don’t know the politics or structure of graphicsall though so take that question with a pinch of salt)

eh, -> links to good windows builds for gimp. (

What’s wrong with these sites?


Doh! Sorry to all involved.
Somehow I missed the gimp-win link when I last looked at the sourceforge page. Since then I’ve [foolishly] been relying on Google searches.