Gimp bump map

Does anybody know how to make bump maps from images?
I thought maybe I could use Gimp, is there a plugin or something?
I’d appreciate some feed back.

Filter>>Map>>Bump map. Without plugin.
If you want generate normal map where are a plugin for that.

The thing is though it doesn’t make a true bump map.
Here is a real bump from It looks like they used a high pass filter.
Here is my attempt, is there a high pass filter for Gimp?
That would probably fix it.

Check out this Blendernation post on High pass filter and the first two replies. Ideasman’s Gimp script and Sannes High Pass Node setup.

bump maps are very difficult to make accurate with plugin, best bet is to either do it by hand, or make a 3d model and bake a normal, then conver the normal to bump with xnormal.

@ Lost ClimateGame:

diffcult but not impossible…
Crazy bump is amazing, It has lots of artistic control and some great recognition and analysis of shapes, and a great 3d preview… for lots of things it gives great results fast…

Your right that sometimes the “long way” of building then baking gets best results though…

But isn’t crazybump commercial?

yeah, its like $99.

$299 for commercial work

299 ? just for bump mapping ? why is it so expensive ?

because its the closest plugin out there to actually make usable normal maps, most of the time the other ones just make your model look bad

The best way we have found at work is to use a program called Zbrush. We flood the image onto the canvas, and then make 3d models for the bumps and fine details.
There is a free learning edition available if you want to test it out first.
Zbrush is good for painting the bump maps directly on a high poly mesh.

Blender can bake the bump map from a high poly version of the mesh too, but Zbrush allows you to subdivide the model into billions of polys, where blender only about a million or so are possible before crashing.