gimp circle

This is a total newb question but how would I go about just making a circle in gimp. Please answer asap!! Thanks in advance.

outlined circle, or filled?

outlined, you could select an elipse, convert to path, and stroke the path

or you could just make an eliptical path and stroke it

for filled, select the elipse, and fill it

Also, if you’re looking to make a perfect circle (not just an elipse), press CTRL (it might be SHIFT, but I’m pretty sure it’s CTRL) when you use the elipse selection tool.

it’s shift actually. same as in photoshop.

ok well thank you but how do I convert an ellipse to a path? :expressionless:

check the ‘select’ pulldown menu,…your conversion to path option is there. i don’t think you need to convert to path just to stroke or fill a selection though,…i might be wrong.

figured it out thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: