GIMP Crashcourse?

hey forum. Just wondering, what’s a good crash course into gimp series that I can watch to create the graphics for menus like the in halo 3, battlefield, and the like?

never played those games, but I heard they are popular, so they probably have good graphics :slight_smile:

I never played those either… and I guess it would depend on what style you are going for.

you can use google images and search up those game menus, they are very high quality and I want to make menus like those in a crashcourse, because I my time is very limited

When you are asking someone about how to make something, YOU are the one who should be providing the reference images. Telling someone to use google to find out something that you know and you want is just rude.

Sorry Morio, I guess I was just feeling a little lazy :confused:
I already assume you know what I talking about, as anyone who has played even a decent game should know how good the graphics are
Anyways, here are the pictures:

Hope these pictures help illustrate what kind of crashcourse I’m looking for. I’m not looking for a course on the text, just the background effects in GIMP and the menus