gimp custom brushes

I have been experimenting with painting using GIMP, but the brushes are rather limited I have a collection of photoshop brushes that I uses in photoshop and I wanted to convert these to GIMP brushes.

I found a program on the net that goes into Photoshop brushes and extracts the png file so you can use that to make a brush in gimp.

This part of the equasation works well but when I create my brush in GIMP and try and paint with them the just drop down black on the layer regardless of whatever colour I have set up as my foreground colour.

I just need some help to figure out how to get my custom brushes to behave correctly


Sound like they aren’t grayscale (non-greyscale brushes use the colour of the brush).

no joy :frowning: it still just dumps black on the layer

I have over a gig of working PS brushes in GIMP - you can use the ABR files - check it out.

@skateboardkid you da man. I found this older tutorial that sent me down the path of extracting the png and than remaking the files in gimp as brushes but just grabbing my abr files and dropping them in Gimp’s brush folder worked, its so simple and effective thanks a ton dude.