GIMP dof plugin for depth maps

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Not too sure how helpful this plug is for blender, especially now that eeshlo has generated a real dof plug for the internal rendering engine, but it is a great gimp plug to have around and can also fake depth in a photo. Download is here:

From the author (
“This plug-in is a kind of blur. it is able to show a out of focus.
this blur has four Models it is used for diffusion of color. you might choose also Brush instead of these models.
you can specify a Distance map. it makes distance for each pixels in source image.
a amount of blur is decided by Radius and difference of two values. they are distance of pixel and Focus.
you could specify threshold of Light. it would make a scene has natural shine as you have seen.”

Found at this thread:

and windows binary from

Basically for a depth map you can use GIMP’s eye dropper to locate any depth in the image by way of a gray-scale depth map. Speedy.

Not the best quality examples, but they convey the idea. :slight_smile: