Gimp equivalent of pshop "spatter" brush

many beginner digital painting tutorials use pshop “spatter”(not splatter) brush,can someone post a Gimp equivalent of it.thanks.

Have you tried using the Photoshop brush?

Many .abr files you can use directly in Gimp.

I know nothing about Photoshop. Is it a filter or a brush? Could you show an example?

the brush seems to be part of pshop default set.i was interested in the brush settings which go with it.

the below example of strokes from the brush is from tutorial

If you have a tablet, Gimp supports pressure sensitivity. You can make a custom brush or download one that looks a bit like it. Almost any spatter/splatter brush will do.

Maybe a silly question. Do you have Photoshop installed? You could copy the .abr files to your GIMP brushes folder (like organic said):

That seems charcoal brushes, Have you tried them?:

no problem,i will try a similar looking brush.i think gimp accepts pshop brushes till ver.7 and settings(pressure,spacing etc) are lost. thanks organic and yafu.