Gimp export all layers as individual files

I have a large gimp file with a lot of layers. I want to export each of the layers as an individual .png image. Is there any way I can just get the computer to do this rather than doing it by hand. There are over 300 layers and it would take me a very long time to export each image.

I had that problem a while ago. This thread should help you.

Thanks for the help =D

You could always use the open rasta ORA exporter from here

open raster is an open format that is essentially just an archive containing all layers as pngs and an xml file on how they should be put together

it also gives good interoperability between gimp and mypaint (and krita,apparently, but I don’t use that)

I wound up using the GAP package. It has it as a build in option

I could see OpenRaster being useful. Kind of offtopic, but has openraster been integrated ( or tried to be integrated ) with Blender before?