Gimp + Genius tablet issue

hi friends i’m using genius 8X6 " pentablet in windows 7 (64bit) … i tried to draw something on gimp but my brush tip was far far away from the canvas ( as u seen in the below pic, highlighted with a red arrow ) … when i used the mouse it worked very well but my pen tablet has that issue still can some one gimme a clue…thanx


why u don’t try with “my paint”

= )

it sounds like the problem i have when my tablet is set to affect the window and not the whole screen, or vice versa.

@Symphony - actually mypaint got the same problem :frowning: …thanx
@ loopduplicatei - tried both but didn’t work :frowning: than x
gonna migrate to ubuntu

i’m now in windows 32bit but i still have the same problem :frowning:

windows 7 64 bit, with the latest drivers from their site,
those are my settings, what about yours?
(One 1680x1050 monitor)