GIMP, how to install...?

Hey everybody, I have a bit of a problem here, wich I am sure somebody knows an usefull awnser to:

Everybody talks about the phenemenom the GIMP. I wented to to check it out but I was overwelmed with little programs with weird names and other programs needed for the installation of the gimp. I didn’t understood a bit of this. And I am not the only one I am sure: two classmates also didn’t magages to install the gimp.

Does anybody know a very SIMPLE explanation how to install it correctly and simple? Is there a file somewhere wich contains all I need for the installation or so?

Please help me out here, I would very much like to use it.


this question is best placed in the Other Software forum. AFAIR installation of gimp was a piece of cake on XP, and yes, it was one installation package. on OSX it went also like a breeze, using the OSX installer or fink.


>> (first link there)

found out iin less then 20 seconds

isn’t that difficult, is it?