Gimp keeps forgetting Wacom tablet...

Would appreciate any help with this. Really enjoying the new drawing abilities of Gimp, but almost every time I’ve wanted to use it, the Tablet can point but not select or draw. If I re-install and click the preferences > device input - it recognizes the tablet again, and works great. Sure it was never intended that I need to re-install it every time I want to use it :o

I have this problem too. It seems that when the Gimp opens after using the mouse most recently (like clicking a gimp shortcut using the mouse) my tablet doesn’t work. However, if I have used my tablet most recently, Gimp will correctly recognize it. So my advice is use your tablet to open up Gimp.

Hi tatsuyame, it seems like a weird work around, but it works! Thanks for the tip :smiley:

Have the same issue on windows but from time to time I have to restart windows in order to make gimp recognizse my tablet via USB. Always thought this was a conflict between my tablet and my logitech mouse.