GIMP Keying Test

not all to sure where i’m going with this, but i decided to cut myself out of a photo i took (i took it specifically for this, so no, i don’t pose like that in actual photos) and put it in another photo. dunno if i should add some other kind of special effects to it, since i don’t really know how, but hey, it kind of looks cool.

I guess it depends on what you want to do. To my eye the lighting between the main scene and the composited view of you is completely different. It may very well not be a problem, depending. The shadow is also heading a different direction from the shadow of the bird on the right-hand side. If photo-realism isn’t the goal, then it’s not a problem. Just play with it a bit - maybe try adding a glowing aura around yourself, since your pose has a certain saint-like quality. St Zymn of the Beach, Ascendent. Copy the layer with yourself and play with the filters and transparency. Just have some fun with it. I’ve attached a composited WIP of mine, very much WIP. The sky was put in from a different photo, and I’m enlarging the sculpture, which has a pose much like yours…