Gimp Layers

Ok, I’m gonna give a situation here. Any help on how to achieve what I want would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I have htis really cool jedi tank model I made. I get the face layout of part of it saved. Ok. I can apply the texture I make too ( I know how.) Only question remains: How can I make the texture I want?

I open gimp and load the face layout in.
Then I add a new layer and make it the main color of the ship. THen I can’t see the layout. So there has got to be a better way to make this texture than guessing. Basicaly I need help on how to set up and order my layers.

I need layers for the following:
Main Color
Trim color
Some Indentations on the craft possibly.
A secondary trim color.
Burn marks.
Maybe some dirt.

How would I order these layers and set them up so that I could see what I’m doing?

Thanks in advance.
Oh ya, If anyone wants to texture this for me, I would be indebted forever. well not forever…but this is my first time texturing a model like this and I want some quality. And I’m not sure I could produce this quality.

Slide the trasparency slider for the layer in the layer dialog. You could put the face layout on top and just move other layers below it, keeping it semi-transparent.

You can also try setting the Face Layout layer as the topmost layer and setting it to either Overlay or Screen. That should help.

OK, Thanks.
One more question: How do I load the picture into a higher layer? Or rather, how to get it into a layer other than the background?

Ah… the background issue.

It’s funky. What I normally do is duplicate that Background layer, delete the original, and move the copy layer up as far as I need it.

:slight_smile: Ahhh, nice.
Thanks alot!
Merry Christmas

I’d do the duplicate layer thing, then lower transparency and use hardlight blend mode.

ctrl-tab should let you cycle trough layers in a luxurious way.

I have got a new problem. If I do the duplicate layer thing and move it above the layer I want to work on, I can’t see it when I click on the layer I need. I can’t seem to get the face layout to let the layer below show through.
Actually, I’m thoroughly confused. Cold someone give me a step by step on how to set up the overlay and let the layer show thru, then how I can work on the layers and still see the layout? Pretty Please? B/c I’m too lost to figure it out. :-?
Thanks in advance,

On your layers pallette, near the top, there’s a dropdown for blending modes. By default, it’s set to normal. Change it to other settings to get what you want (my recommendation is screen or overlay, but tedi’s suggestion would work as well).