Gimp normal map plugin question

This surfaced in another thread:
gimp normal map plugin

and reminded me of a problem I have. I know this is not the Gimp forums but I thought I’d toss it out anyway… (there are so many helpful folks around here)…

Here’s my problem: I’m normalmapping an RGB color image. The normalmap plugin works correctly and exports these channels:

When I really need this instead:

I need to swap the Blue and Green channels. I’ve beat my head against the wall trying to figure this out and emailed the plugin author (who hasn’t replied). I’d appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Cheers!

when the plugin first pops up, look on the far right under options, put a tick by swap colors…

if that dont work try inverting the Y and X colors.

hope that helps :smiley:

Thx for the hint Mmph! but it’s still a no go… Swapping RGB moves the channel from Blue to Red and Green remains untouched. Inverting the X Y inverts the map in the channel but not the channel itself…

There is an option under Conversion for Red Grren or Blue but I haven’t the foggiest what effect it has… Either way Green doesn’t change…

You can Ctl-click a channel to turn it into a selection. You can use that to manually swap channel info.

-Create a new channel.
-Fill new channel with Black
-Ctl-click Green to make selection
-Fill selection in new channel with white
-Fill Green channel with black
-Ctl-click Blue channel to make selection
-Fill selection in Green channel with white
-Fill blue channel with black
-Ctl-click new channel to make selection
-Fill selection in Blue channel with white
-Delete new channel

Thx guys for the tips… I got the swapping to work as you outlined FishB8 but…

I am such a dope… :rolleyes:

The problem wasn’t in swapping channels. The normal map info was there in all three, just “washed out” in the green channel. I ended up using the channel mixer to increase the green to 200% and cut back the blue to 50% on my image… everything works as it should now. :cool: