Gimp normal map plugin

I recently switched back to Mac from Linux, and I want to find something similar to the extended plugins repository (or something like that). I mainly use the normal map plugin, but the others were somewhat useful as well.

Not the same thing at all, but you can download them individually from the Gimp Plugin Registry:-

I think normalmap is better for you, it allows you to convert images into RGB normal map for use in per-pixel lighting application. The goal is to completely done NVIDIA’s Photoshop plugin, with a few new features.

Slightly outside of the scope of the OP’s question. But VMware can be useful when you need to keep using programs that are only available on the last OS you were using. I’m not saying you have to make a virtual Mac to run your old software. But it is a useful option to keep in mind when you have workflow timeline concerns.

Just use :slight_smile: