Gimp problem with printing

hi guys,
now i design things that to be pronted in print houses using offset machines that use the CMYK modes…actually the gimp doesnt have this mode it uses rgb and BW only…when i print something done with the gimp the colors are distorted …is their any solution to this problem…and is there any free software like the gimp and photshop that uses CMYK I can use it for color correction.thanks

check out CinePaint (a development fork of gimp) and if your a linux user you can use Krita.

Also you could try this gimp plug in (not tried it my self).

thanks man but can you give me a link to the software precompiled for windows…i cant find it.thanks again

Sorry dude, cinepaint-0.17 looks like the last version compiled for win (bit old). Looks like you’ll have to wait till the CinePaint Glasgow version is released for a up to date win version. :\

If I where you (and had to use win) I’d use Pixel image editor is proprietary (but well priced).

didnt any developer try to fix this in the gimp…i am working always in printing :S

Of course, GIMP users have been waiting for the GEGL library to be released for ages/years. :wink:

theres a free app named Paint.NET for windows… :confused: i think it should have CMYK.