Gimp question

Anyone know if you can simpulate water colors in the Gimp? This would be awesome if achievable…

by “water colors” do you mean the colors of water or the type of paint?
if you mean the paint, i don’t know exactly, but i saw somewhere how to make a photo look like a painting… i could see if i can find you that tutorial if you like. it doesnt really look like watercolors, but i bet you could tweak it so it would…

I mean watercolors as they are applied to the canvas like they overlap and cause the color to appear darker. I’ve tried to creat brushes in the gimp and tried to use transparency but to no avail, thnks if you can find any tutorials…

To make colours blend together, you can use the smudge tool (the hand pointing). Just draw on the basic colours like you would as if you were placing watercolours in your palette but in the places the colours will be in the image then smudge them together.

You can also use different draw modes like burn which will add superimpose colours together.

I think Corel Photopaint is designed better for that sort of thing:

Anyway, this tutorial might help:

Set the transparency type to “multiply” maybe?

You have basically 2 choices, and both will probably work.

If you want to paint directly and simulate watercolors, I would experiment with making some custom brushes, and the multiply layer setting.

Alternatively, you could simply paint your image and apply a filter or plugin. The oilify filter could be made to simulate watercolors, with a little creativity and some experimentation.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a specific watercolor plugin made by someone out there (I don’t specifically know one, though). Remember, GIMP is open source, so there are all kinds of crazy people adding things all the time! Just do a google search and see what turns up.