GIMP Question

Okay. I was just wondering how to make a picture that is in Black and White but make like the eyes or somthing stay in color…

Usually you can use a selection mask by having everything but the eyes in a selection. Most paint programs will only operate filters on selections.

Oh… Okay Thanks CD

Here is a simple method (for the GIMP but is the same in PS):

  • In the ‘Layers, Channels, Paths dialog’, duplicate the layer. This new layer will be the actively selected layer.
  • Desaturate the new layer using ‘Colors -> Desaturate …’

You now have a black and white copy of the image layered over the original color image layer. With the new B&W layer selected, use the eraser tool erase the parts you want to be in color.

That is the quick and dirty method, not as good results as if you were using a selection mask though.

Can you use a filter non destructively for something like desaturate(make grayscale) with a selection mask/Alpha layer in gimp?

I use alpha in photoshop often, but it didn’t occur to me before you could use it in combination with a filter. Can you?
And how is it in the gimp?

Even simplier: Google…
1st result I got for “gimp black white color” is … tadaaaa …

Also, there’s an "Other Software" forum here, just for this kind of questions. :rolleyes:

Since the title of this thread is “GIMP Question”… I have one.

Those familiar with Photoshop will know of the “Variations” feature, where you can add or take away saturation and/or selective colours whilst being presented with all the cough variations.

I can’t recall, but does GIMP have this anywhere? For some reason I think it does, but I can’t find any info on it. :no:

How so? You can achieve identical results, and also have the equivalent of fuzzy selections/

Thank u guys/girl…yeah admit i was being lazy and not googleing stuff…so SORRY ABOUT THAT…and i do know there is a Other software part I Forgot about it untill i posted this…